Crown gears

The crown toothing creates an angle transmission thanks to a standard pinion and a specific gear. Its operating characteristics are similar to straight toothings of parallel gear sets.


A crown gear for an angle transmission

Crown toothing have many advantages:

- transmission angle between 0 and 150°,
- high reduction ratio,
- easy assembly with limited adjustments,
- possibility of backlash-free transmission,
- efficiency and noise level comparable to a parallel gears,
- no axial force,
- etc.


Specific and open markets

Crown gears are used in many sectors of the industry for applications requiring efficient, compact and precise transmission:

- machine tools (rotating tools),
- 4x4 differentials ,
- double rotation systems (double propeller, etc.),
- robotics (handle),
- etc.

Our proposal

High quality ground crown gears

SPIROTEC is the only gear manufacturer in the world to offer hardened and ground Crown gears:

- Transmission angle: 0 to 150°,
- up to Ø250 mm in grinding
and Ø600 mm in 5-axis cutting
- Module: 1 to 15 mm

SPIROTEC is able to make the full design your Crown gears.

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